There is so much to do when spending your holidays on Thassos. The island's coast stretches for over 100 kilometers and is spotted with countless sandy beaches, coastal villages, marinas, and breath-taking geographical monuments designed by wind and water throughout history. The natural beauty alone is enough to cause visitors to fall in love with this emerald of the Aegean. Thassos is considered by many as Greece's best kept secret, being relatively unknown and unheard of by the vast majority of the world, it has been spared in the last decades from mass tourism and commercialization. The island and its people have been able to retain much of its culture, traditions and ways of life unlike many of the other Greek islands that have been spoiled by over development. Thassos does not have an airport, which is considered as one of the reasons why the island remains relatively unspoiled.

Getting to Thassos none the less is both easy and enjoyable. Coming by plane, you can land in Kavala airport and take a 10 minute taxi ride to the ferry port of Keramoti. The ferry ride is a pleasant experience and only takes 35 minutes. Once you arrive to Thassos, the possibilities are endless! If you're not in the mood for sun, sand and sea, try one of the numerous other things that are available to you on the island. Thassos is covered with lush forests and majestic mountains, with streams and waterfalls, mountain trails and even a lake. Explore the island and enjoy the many types of beautiful landscapes. If you are a fan of history and art, enjoy the many archaeological sites and museums all over the island. From an ancient amphitheater to an ancient port, from monasteries to museums full of priceless relics and beautiful art. Thassos has everything to make a holiday into a beautiful life experience.

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